Endure? geez...

"Those who do not create the future they want, must endure the future they get"
- Draper L. Kaufman, Jr.

The meditation word for today is...endurance

Yeah, I know it's a simple answer to a complex question...

I recently read this on the www.poverty.com web site:

Q: "Why do some say that extreme poverty leads to terrorism?"

A: "Because it's impossible to convince a rich person to strap on a bomb and blow themselves up!"

The meditation word for today is...poverty

With respect to all the blathering talking heads on television and the radio these days, I am reminded of a saying I once read...

The meditation word for today is...quiet

A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government.
- Edward Abbey


i thought about sitting on the floor in second grade
i couldn't keep the pace
i thought i was the only one moving in slow motion
while the other kids knew something i did not
but if i acted like a clown
i thought it'd get me through, it did
but that don't work no more
you're not a kid no more
i thought i'd do some travelling
never did

regrets, regrets

i thought about the hours wasted
watching t.v., drinking beer
i thought about the things i thought about
until immobilized with fear
and all the great ideas i had
and how we just made fun
of those who had the guts to try and fail
and then i ended up in jail

regrets, regrets

...but just for a day
seems the police had made a computer mistake
said there must be thousands like me with the same name
anyway, i thought about the things i settled for or never tried
i never visited my grandma even once
when she was sick before she died
so i don't blame you if you never come to see me here again

regrets, regrets...

lyrics by Ben Folds Five

The meditation word for today is...regrets