Welcome to Holland

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans...

Welcome to Holland

Nothing to Wear...

From Reese Palley's great sailing manifesto, Unlikely Passages:

‘Shed cares, shed guilt, shed family and friends who bore you. Shed banks and accountants and doctors and taxi drivers and most of all shed the damned lawyers.

Shed the devious accents of land. Shed the salesmen who seek to lengthen your indenture. Shed aches and pains, shed embarrassment of flab and shed the flab itself. Then shed your clothes.

It is, after all, the only condition in which they will allow you back into Eden.’

An old song says it best...

Good-bye to things that bore me,
life is waiting for me.
I see a new horizon;

my life has only begun,
Beyond the blue horizon

lies a rising Sun.

- Beyond the Blue Horizon, 1930, Whiting, Harling, and Robin.

A man who knows what he wants

"Get me out of this hospital.

I want to go sailing!

- Ted Kennedy, when told he had a brain tumor.

Wisdom regarding growing old...

Everything you think you are
when you are young,
you spend the rest of your life
learning that you never were
and never will be...


Everything we learn,
we learn too late...

It was only a matter of time...

Obesity contributes to global warming, study says...

A dream is an island anybody can sail to...

The meditation word for today is...dream
Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm...